Saturday, December 20, 2014

Catching... Musician. And Saddles!

As her name indicates, she only comes to... guess it!?!?! Music. George Strait, to be more precise. And treats, too, but it's the music she'll let you come near her with. And she is more responsive with my Parelli/Myler bit but I think it's her teeth. She's still acting uncomfortable.

Oh.. and I'm looking at Australian saddles...

image 1

($200 synthetic, flexible tree)

image 1

($175 leather)

image 1

($150 leather)

1st saddle-flexible tree, closest to my size
2nd saddle-leather, confirmed very comfortable
3rd saddle-leather

1st saddle-synthetic. I prefer leather for both comfort and looks.
2nd saddle-don't know the size
3rd saddle-possibly too narrow

What do y'all think???

Friday, December 19, 2014

Racehorse Update

Jess's Dream pointed to Gulfstream Park race 12/26 or 12/27 (rumor)
Promise Me Silver entered in Letellier Memorial Stakes at Fair Grounds, 12/20. 8th race, 6 furlongs dirt, field of 6, post 2, 122 pound highweight (giving 4-6 pounds), 9/5 morning-line favorite.
Promise Me Freedom entered in Maiden Special Weight at Fair Grounds, 12/20. 10th race, about 1 mile turf, field of 10 w/ 6 also-eligibles, post 3, all 122 pounds except 2nd a-e -112 lbs, 3/1 morning line choice.

Shared Belief pointed to Malibu (G1) this month. (rumor)
Samantha Nicole first workout in several months, BULLET 3f in 38.80 on dirt, 12/5. Stonestreet Training.
Honor Code pointed to Gulfstream Park Handicap (G1) in early February for 4yo debut (rumor)

Added Take Charge Lady to the broodmare list!

Riding This Week


Musician. Sis said I could ride her if I could catch her. Gotta play "tag" with this one, and since she sticks around Star, and Star doesn't move, it's not difficult, even in the huge pasture. I caught her and saddled her, then rode her. This mare has no brakes whatsoever. Mounting-jigs and you have to hold the opposite rein to keep her head turned away from you so she stops spinning around the rider. Riding-Walking is OK. Jogging practically non-existant-she keeps speeding up unless you seriously slow her down, by yanking her in a very tight circle. It's also the only way to get her to slow down/stop. Loping-decent. Still has the brake problem but is more responsive to not speeding up. Galloping. She LOVES it! And won't slow down AT ALL until you yank her around and insist for about 30 seconds. Ugh. And she DOES NOT respond to body language at all. THAT is painful. Discovered why a short while later when Sis decided to ride her. She skips the jog and goes straight to the dead run. Doesn't expect her to behave. And rides even less than I do!

I want to try her in my Parelli bit...

Summary: Score of 1-5. Saddling: 2; Bridling: 2; Mounting: 1; Walk: 4; Jog: 1; Lope: 3; Gallop: 3; Standing: 2; Slowing/stopping: 1; Backing: 1; Turns: 3; Catching: 1.


Lady-Hwin. I rode her in English at Flying Free's place! She is super-responsive and walking and jogging are pretty easy (my posting throws her off-I'm terrible at it) but loping... she is distracted by people on the ground and crow-hopped once. I almost came off but recovered. Loping, however, I found easier than the jog because I didn't have to post! She got a little bit argumentative but was easy to correct and she responds to body language and the bit very, very well. Flying Free is FANTASTIC with her.

Summary: Saddling, bridling, and catching I did not do. Galloping I did not attempt. Mounting: 5; Walk: 5; Jog: 4; Lope: 4; Standing: 5; Slowing/stopping: 4; Backing: 5; Turns: 4.


Star. Big Western saddle. Added my pony pad and wither shims. The wither shims were placed under the low point of the saddle, however. Lifted it up nicely and looks funny, especially when I'm not on the saddle pushing it back to a level position, but it works great. She was much freer. I have decided to stop using the "racetrack" as the route to and from the pasture gate to convince her she can pass it without relying on it as the only place where she can get relaxation. Took the road and walked/jogged back and forth several times, extending the distance past the driveway and the racetrack a little bit at a time. The final time I headed her back to the driveway I got her to run. She didn't stumble on the gravel and when I praised her during the gallop she pricked her ears, something odd unless she's headed toward home. When I reached the driveway I turned her around and walked her back to the trail on the northwest side of the creek, and then headed to the gate from there, passing the house and crossing the creek. She is easy to saddle, bridling is relatively easy, she responds to the bit, reins, and body weight like an angel. Most of the time. She backed up once when I had just adjusted my weight and not the reins!!! I carried my lariat looped up and only used that when asking for more speed and she threw her head up in a fit. Jogging had no problems with that. Loping was the only thing she threatened to buck for but she never did. Ended on a super good note.

Summary: Saddling: 4; Bridling: 4; Mounting: 5; Walk: 5; Jog: 4; Lope: 2; Gallop: 2; Standing: 5; Slowing/stopping: 4; Backing: 5; Turns: 4; Catching: 5.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Thinking about getting a job here next year:

This song drives me CRAZY! And not a good crazy. Seriously. She could just quit! She doesn't have to be so STUPID! If she don't like it, then she can stop and leave. Honestly. Guys like that I ignore completely. And girls like that, too....

By the way, half the girls in country songs are that slutty. The other half are actually respectable, and you don't fall into that category. At all. So shut up.

Rant. Over.

I wanna be the gal that out-ropes and out-rides the guys. I'll leave the shooting to them, though. Ain't a big fan of guns for some reason. Sure do understand the need for them though so I am definitely pro-self defense!!! Oh, and I wear a full set of clothing. Not like most gals these days.

December's 10 Questions

1. What size horse do you prefer to ride? Something between 15 and 16 hands... not too big but not too small. I love my 14 hand horse, though.

2. Do you school in tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps? Neither. Cowboy boots. Love them!!!

3. What do you do with your ribbons after a show? Can't say I've actually shown my horse... but the prizes I got from completing an Endurance intro ride in April are being put to use! Coffee mug-hot chocolate and tea (I don't like coffee), Trace Trails towel thingy-covering my sister's alarm clock at night so the light doesn't keep us awake (is that actually putting it to use???), and keychain piece-on my keychain, duh!! I don't remember where the green ribbon that was in her tail is at the moment....

4. Do you ride/board at a large show barn or a small private barn? Neither! I ride all over the place out here and my horse is currently in the pasture beyond the creek.

5. Have you ever seen a horse give birth? Not in person.... but I did over MareStare cams last year. That was FUN!!!

6. What is your favorite breed? Ummm.... Spanish Mustang or Thoroughbred. Take your pick.

7. Favorite tack brand? Parelli!! No questions asked. At all.

8. Would you ever buy used tack? Probably... don't think I ever have, though.

9. Ever been on a carriage ride? Years ago I was on a church wagon ride.... In Canada, I believe.

10. How often do you go to the tack store? Once every.... three or four months. Just to browse.

It's a picture of Spirit after I sold her!!! So cool!