Friday, November 21, 2014


From Wednesday:

Gearing up Musician

Headed out

Passing her!

On the road


The foliage along the road

Huge ranch out there! I would love to ride in there.

The bridge.

What's under the bridge



Panoramic view

Another panoramic view of the ranch 

Our destination!

Headed home

She's happier, now

Another field


Ready to go?

There's the track!

Slowing down after a long sprint

Home again

Dirty horse



Kittens! (Jacob, left, and Claire)

There you are! Enjoy.

From Kincsem to Camelot: Female Family

HUNG ch Kincsem (unbeaten Gr. I winner) Cambuscan x Water Nymph

Produced (besides daughter below):
Ollyan-Nincs (by Buccaneer) chestnut filly, Gr. II winner.
Talpra Magyar (by Buccaneer) chestnut colt, unraced. Gr. I-winning sire.
Kincs-Or (by Doncaster) chestnut colt, Gr. II placed. Died 1889
Kincs (by Doncaster) filly, unraced, stakes producer.

HUNG ch Budagyongye (Gr. I winner) Buccaneer x Kincsem

Produced (besides Furcsa):
Kenyes (by Doncaster) chestnut filly
Prima (by Doncaster) chestnut colt
Nemoda Buda (by Galaor) colt
Tapiogyongye (by Gunnersbury) chestnut filly
Viglany (by Bona Vista) chestnut filly, stakes winner
Disco (by Floriform) filly

HUNG ch Furcsa -Craig Millar x Budagyongye
Produced (besides Farsang):
Beregvolgy (by Bona Vista) chestnut colt, Gr. II winner, sire
Rubin (by Bona Vista) chestnut filly

HUNG b Farsang -Dunure x Fursca
Produced (besides Balkiralyne):
Keringo (by Pardon) colt, stakes winning sire
Badaros (by Bona Vista) filly

AUT b Balkiralyne -Jack O Lantern x Farsang
Produced (besides Ukraine):
Sprelball (by Matchbox) filly
Barokko (by Cicero) chestnut filly

GB ? Ukraine -Cicero x Balkiralyne
Produced (besides Crimea):
None noted

GB b Crimea -Beppo x Ukraine
Produced (besides Tetratela):
Carmelite (by Kircubbin) filly
Camorse (by Kircubbin) colt
Calandria (by Kircubbin) brown filly, Gr. I winner

FR b Tetratela (Gr. II winner) The Tetrarch x Crimea
Produced (besides La Tendresse):
Tirana (by Kircubbin) brown filly unraced
Talma (by Mon Talisman) bay gelding, Gr. II winner

FR b La Tendresse (winner) Kircubbin x Tetratela
Produced (besides Favorite):
Fair Polly (by Prince Bio) filly

FR b Favorite (placed?) Mon Talisman x La Tendresse
Produced (besides My Mascot):
High Love (unknown sire) filly, stakes winner

FR dkb/br My Mascot (winner) Deiri x Favorite
Produced (besides Little Miss Muffet):
My Aladdin (by Tournament) bay colt, stakes winner, Gr. III sire

FR b Little Miss Muffet -Tournament x My Mascot
Produced (besides Seventh Bride):
Little Melody (by Pirate King) filly, winner
Little Orange (by High Hat) bay filly,
Limone (by Blauer Reiter) filly, winning dam
Legana (by Neckar) filly
Lemon (by Blauer Reiter) dark bay/brown colt, stakes winner, show horse sire
Mamma's Mink (by Soderini) filly
Piccadilly Line (by Northfields) colt
Miss Hiddenaway (by Son Ange) filly
Muffets Gold (by Cavo Doro) filly, non-winner in 4 starts

GB b Seventh Bride (Gr. I winner) Royal Record x Little Miss Muffet
Produced (besides One Over Parr):
Polygamy (by Reform) bay filly, Gr. I winner
Bedfellow (by Crepello) bay filly, stakes winner
Stout Fello (by Crepello) bay colt
Just Abroad (by Abwah) bay filly, winner, Gr. II placed winning dam

GB b One Over Parr (Gr. III winner) Reform x Seventh Bride
Produced (besides Fade):
Particular Miss (by Luthier) bay mare, winner, dam of runner
Tom Seymour (by Grundy) bay colt, Gr. III winner
Henry's Place (by Habitat) dark bay/brown gelding, winner
Diamond Sharp (by Sparkler) colt, stakes winning sire
Style Unique (by Moorestyle) bay filly, placed dam
Possibilita (by Posse) filly
Multi-Sofft (by Northern State) bay filly, placed, winning dam

GB b Fade (unraced) Persepolis x One Over Parr
Produced (other than Fickle):
Faru (by Mtoto) bay colt, stakes winner
Flip Fantasia (by Batshoof) bay filly
Day Dreaming (by Efisio) bay filly, stakes winning dam
Eve (by Rainbow Quest) bay filly, winner, winning dam
Birdie (by Alhaarth) bay filly, stakes winner, Gr. III placed dam
Putra Kuantan (by Grand Lodge) bay gelding, winner
Fading Light (by King's Best) bay filly, Gr. III placed
Extreme Measures (by Montjeu) bay colt, winner, training in dressage
Chili Dip (by Alhaarth) bay filly, unraced

GB b Fickle (stakes winner) Danehill x Fade
Produced (other than Tarfah):
Tafiya (by Bahri) bay filly, placed
Good Return (by Fasliyev) bay gelding, unplaced
Idealism (by Motivator) bay colt
Sistine (by Dubai Destination) bay filly, winner, no racing age progeny
Nautilus (by Medicean) gelding

USA b Tarfah (Gr. III winner) Kingmambo x Fickle

Progeny of Tarfah:
2008 GB b Ideal (winner) Galileo x Tarfah FILLY
2013: Unnamed (by Oasis Dream) bay colt
2014: Unnamed (by Fastnet Rock) bay colt

2009 GB b Camelot (Gr. I winner) Montjeu x Tarfah COLT

2010 GB b Unnamed (unraced) Cape Cross x Tarfah FILLY
2011 GB b Unnamed (unraced) Pivotal x Tarfah COLT

He comes from a long line of consistency. His sister Ideal is going to carry on the glory of Kincsem's damline. Kincsem herself traces directly in dam line to the Regulus Mare (by Regulus, by the Godolphin Arabian), and through her to the Layton Barb Mare. Her sire line traces to the Darley Arabian through Eclipse.

Information courtesy of

Riding Troubles

Yesterday evening I attempted another ride, with a destination and plan in mind. Star, on the other hand, had a totally different destination in mind and I think she had a plan, too. Not sure on that one.

So, I hand-walked her out in the direction I wanted her to go, to make sure she wasn't acting in fear but stubbornness. We hadn't tried that direction in a while. When I mounted, she quit. Downright quit. My plan had been to get to a spot along the highway, untack her (providing release), and then re-tack her after several minutes and then ride home. We ran out of sunlight long before we were even close, however.

When I mounted, the only direction she would move was toward home. So I attempted to use all four phases and the Carrot Stick (which I now carry regardless whether I'm riding or ground training). The Carrot Stick is far less painful than the leather whip I used to use (believe me, I know). It is used in phase three and four. Phase one was energetically clucking and leaning forward rocking in the saddle. Phase two is adding the legs and intensifying the energy coming down the reins. Phase three adds tapping the stick on her flank, and phase four means all out clucking, whacking (I've whacked myself with it. Didn't even sting but it sure gets your attention!), legs and hands trying to get her to move. Usually all this does is get her mad that I want her to keep going. After a little bit, however, I did manage to get her to move one foot in the correct direction. I stopped. Got her about 7 steps like this before Mom told me to get her home. That took me over 1/2 an hour to get her as far as I did. Just to get her to move a tiny bit forward. And then I used EXACTLY the same phases when I turned her around. And I got a nice jog, lope, and then a gallop. So she knows what I'm asking of her. She just won't do it. Oh, and if I press her too hard, she kicks high in a half-buck.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

My First Blog Hop

From Flying Free...

1: Have you ever owned a horse? Stupid question! I have owned 3. A little Shetland/Mini cross mare of about 16 years of age... who we had to euthanize due to laminitis in 2007.

A 2005 PtHA chestnut tobiano mare I trained and sold in 2012.

Her dam, a 2002 PtHA bay tobiano, Star, who is still my own.

2: What is your favorite aspect of your discipline? Hmmm.... Endurance racing, I suppose, is my discipline. My favorite aspect? The people! They are so friendly! It's like going on a long trail ride and having fun while having some friendly competition. Not like the thoroughbred racing world, where usually everybody's at each other's throats.

3: What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline? I don't think I have any... yet.....

4: Do you do barn chores? No. They're in the back pasture. So barn chores are non existent. Just keeping them watered and we'll get them a new bale once this one's gone.

5: What is your least favorite barn chore? It would have to be cleaning the tack room. Really. I am very disorganized. It's out in the garage and the bridles and saddles are pretty neat but the pads, blankets, and brushes, ect., are not. Big mess under the saddle racks.

6: What would you consider the worst vice in a horse? Bucking. I actually kind of enjoy rearing.... I haven't figured out the bucking and kicking thing yet. But then, my horse throws tantrums and she throws some mean kicks when I attempt to get her to be more energetic. Her front feet coming off the ground is never a problem. Rearing when I'm on the ground is also scary. Trained a mare once who did that!

7: What saddle brand is your favorite? Parelli Saddles! No question. Don't own one but I would take any kind any day over what I have now. Sat in a couple different varieties last month and they were AWESOME!

8: Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? Would love to but I can't get my hands on one...

9: Does your horse wear boots? What kind? No, she does not. Ever. I have wrapped them with vet wrap but she has never worn boots. Though when I'm working on jumping she should probably wear full leg protection in front and ankle protection behind. She is NOT a jumper.

10: Full seat or knee patch breeches? Neither. Just jeans. Classic cowgirl there.

To read the hop from Flying Free, click here.

In The Saddle Again

She's back! And gamer than ever. I rode Star yesterday and the day before. The first time we didn't get as far as intended due to unrelated problems and yesterday, in company with Musician and my sister, we made it to the destination and back. On the way home the mare held her own despite being under more weight and easily outran the black Morgan on the miles of gravel to arrive back at her gate under command. And she wasn't half as sweaty as the larger horse.

I do have pictures! Just not downloaded at the moment so you'll have to wait.

She prefers the smaller saddle. Tuesday I rode her with it and her stride, even with stones in her fore feet (she picks them up like CRAZY), was longer. Of course, after I cleaned them out she was much happier. The larger saddle, which she was under yesterday, seemed to constrict her stride and she wasn't as happy at all. She did behave better because she had her buddy along.

Star is not an explorer or a loner. I, on the other hand, am. So in the spring I'm going to sell the beautiful mare and buy a larger, faster, better horse. Probably a young, unbroken colt with Thoroughbred blood. And I want to buy a "short" yearling or a weanling to sell as a yearling. That's called pinhooking.

And guess what I want!!!

An Australian Half-breed saddle... from Parelli. Too bad it's a $4,300 saddle, though. Even with membership it's still $3,650! That's worth more than my horse.

Inlarged product Image
Country black Snaffle Headstall.... Worth $133.27 without the membership... and ONLY $99.95 with the membership.

And here's more:

The Country Black Snaffle Chinstrap....

The Romel Reins...

The Western Theraflex Pad...


Western Smart Cinch...

And my horse would be completely geared up. Already have the bit!

Honor Code is coming back! A 6 1/2 furlong Allowance at Aqueduct on Saturday features the top son of A.P. Indy, making his 2nd start this year. He finished 2nd in an allowance at Gulfstream in March behind Social Inclusion but was injured afterward.