Friday, October 31, 2014

Picture Time and Star Update


Jane and kittens:

From the Parelli weekend:
I'm terrible at taking pictures while I'm trying to concentrate on something else.

The most handsome cat ever:

From the 17th:
(Star, an ice pack on the ankle)

(barrel jump!)

(the new location for the flock)

From today:
New bridle!!

Purple for the Breeders' Cup!!

Today we went sideways over the barrels both on her back and on the ground! And we did jogging and loping. She prefers over emphasis in body language and no heels but she's still very independent. Hopefully soon she will be more willing. But she was very much improved and more willing than usual! No whips!

The Time Has Come, The Day Is Here!

Breeders' Cup Friday!!!!

5 hours 45 minutes to post!

I have decided which order I want each of my picks to finish in, and threats to them:

Juvenile Turf:

War Envoy

Luck of the Kitten

(Threat: Faithful Creek) Note: Faithful Creek drew in when #9 Aktabantay scratched. Papacoolpapacool was withdrawn because the time for AEs to draw in passed this morning.

Dirt Mile:

Pants On Fire

Golden Ticket

(Threat: Fed Biz)

Juvenile Fillies Turf:

Conquest Harlanate

Sunset Glow

(Threat: Lady Eli) Note: Flying Tipat and War Alert, the Also-Eligibles, did not draw in and are withdrawn.

Unbridled Forever



(Threat: Close Hatches, Belle Gallantey)

And my Breeders' Cup Classic favorite for tomorrow is:

Cigar Street!

Followed by California Chrome and Shared Belief, in that order.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Breeders' Cup Friday Horses

Tomorrow is Breeders' Cup Friday!
 4 pictures. 12 chosen horses.

In the Juvenile Turf:

Luck of the Kitten and War Envoy...

Dirt Mile:
Golden Ticket

Goldencents and Pants on Fire....

Juvenile Fillies Turf:
Really, no pictures??? Sunset Glow, Conquest Harlanate, and Qualify are my choices.


Unbridled Forever!!!

And Iotapa...

Pictures taken from Breeders' Cup World Championships FB page and DRF FB page.

My Mistakes

I read this today.

And I realized where I had gone wrong not long ago in the only relationship I have ever had. And now I'm afraid that the fantastic young man is running away from me. He is wise and brilliant, and I could never imagine life without him (I've known him for 7 years, close to half my life).

I wish I could have a story like her. But now I never can. I can learn from my mistakes, though, and I have not gotten as close as my parents were before they married.

Boundary No. 1 listed is no physical touch.
We held hands and even hugged and snuggled a bit. He is a bit of a hugger, unlike me and if he did anything right he opened my space a little bit so I don't cringe when someone wants to hug me (usually a grandparent or female friend). I have an enormous personal space. We did not kiss!!! That was one thing we made sure of even though we wanted to.

Boundary No. 2: No riding in cars alone.
Uh, my parents let him come pick me up from work TWICE. Not blaming them. We did a little bit of snuggling but not much. Just standing there hugging.

No. 3: No texting after 10 pm or before 9 am.
I'm sure if we'd done that some things wouldn't have happened or been said. But I think more rules about CONTENT would have helped, because you can still say "naughty" things in those hours.

No. 4: No proposals for 1 year
Okay. It never came to that!

And we were often alone together. Partly because my younger siblings LOVE hanging out with him and it was the only way to talk without anyone getting in the way!

We never said "I love you" to which I am very, very thankful.

The young man is a great horseman, country music lover (more on the pop/rock end of the country line), fantastic driver (I'm TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!), and good friend. He works hard and he became a Christian this summer. I never felt any happier than when he told me that. He is wise and he actually has a pretty good conscience that I guarantee saved both our hides at more than one point. I want to be more like him in many (but not all) ways.

His mother and I don't really get along but if I were to see her now I would thank her for raising such a fine young man. He is finally working his way out of the nest and I'm proud of him.

If he asked, I'd be his. And yes, I quoted a song. Without a doubt, this morning I knew he had my heart. Somebody would have to work harder than anything in the world to take it from him. I just wish he knew that.

He is the measuring stick for which I measure all young men by, and none have come close to measuring up. Thank you for being my friend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goings On

I haven't made the time to work with Star at all this week!!!! Aaarrghh... and tonight will be full, too. But I will be with one of my best friends so it's not like I'm wasting my time tonight.

I ran a chainsaw for the first time on Saturday. And didn't hurt anybody. Can't turn the thing on but I can run it pretty well. Anybody who knows me knows I hate machinery. Because they're noisy, rattling, and don't have any personality. Though I might prefer machines over donkeys. Not sure. We're borrowing a donkey soon so I guess I'll find out. Gasp.

Jane just has Claire and Jacob, now. U died and Riker disappeared. Claire is super friendly, though, and Jacob is pretty cute. He'll be more blue-point than brown-point, unlike his very brown older brother, Khaki. Black Ice got himself injured last week (can I cheer?). Big black tomcat is limping on his off hind. We gave Noelle and Sisko (known as "Beast") away on Saturday. And Noelle promptly climbed a tree when she got to her new home. She's come down since then, though!

The goats and sheep are sighted every day at some point, running around in their pasture across the creek. They're fine. The younger doe is probably pregnant, due between February and April. Other than that, no interesting news.

The pig is getting BIG!!! Hasn't been eating any of the birds of mine that love to hop in there, fortunately.

Mauler isn't pregnant. But her boyfriend, Victor, comes by every once in a while to check on her. He's a beautiful Golden Retriever, and he probably only hurts flies and fleas. Everybody has had a good experience with him, except Star, who hates dogs in general so that's no surprise.

I've been keeping busy. And I plan to have the final draft of my Roshaun & Katrine story done by December 17 so watch out for it that week! I'm extending it (the condensed version is on the blog under Stories) and adding a whole slew of characters. And changing a few details but the story will be pretty much the same. And I still need a title..... so watch out for that announcement sometime next month!

On Sunday we will no longer have Daylight Savings Time! These changes twice a year are getting on my nerves. Can we have DST all the time??? I love longer evenings! Or we can have Standard Time all the time and have earlier morning rides.... But if DST is the norm then we can have dawn rides without getting up early. I love that, too.

Above: My first horse, Bossy, a Falabella x Shetland. 16yo chestnut mare with a star. Picture was taken in 2006. She was euthanized due to laminitis April 2007. My Dad's first horse, the Quarter Horse Lady, is seen in the background.

Above: Star in 2012. She's actually loping on her own! (yes, there is a fence there)

Above: Black Ice in 2010

Breeders' Cup News:
American Pharaoh scratched this morning due to lameness. BC Juvenile favorite is out. He was one of my 3 choices and now add The Great War. Only 12 instead of the scheduled 13 will start. American Pharaoh had post 5. The Great War is in Post 4.

Juvenile Turf choices:
Luck of the Kitten 1/2 mile in 49.92 @ SA turf 10/25. Not much of a gallop out according to report.

Dirt Mile choices:
Goldencents 5f in 59.26 @ SA 10/24. Report says impressive.
Golden Ticket 5f in 59.36 @ SA SA 10/25. Report says responded late urging.

Juvenile Fillies Turf choices:
Conquest Harlanate 5f in 1:00.47 @ SA turf 10/25. Report says in company.

Distaff choices:
Untapable 1/2 mile in 50.60 @ SA 10/26. Report says easy.

Juvenile Fillies choices:
Take Charge Brandi 1/2 mile in 49.05 @ SA 10/27. Report says maintenance.
Angela Renee 1/2 mile in 51.32 @ SA 10/26. Report says easy.
Cristina's Journey 5f in 1:00.44 @ SA 10/24. Report says good.

Filly & Mare Turf choices:
Irish Mission 1/2 mile in 51.44 @ Belmont turf 10/26. Report says trainer pleased.
Stephanie's Kitten 5f in 1:03.09 @ Belmont turf 10/26. Report says worked.
Emollient 5f in 1:02.88 @ Belmont turf 10/26. Report says doesn't care for soft turf.

Filly & Mare Sprint choices:
Sweet Reason 1/2 mile in 47.38 @ SA 10/27. Report says not as sharp.
Better Lucky 1/2 mile in 49.80 @ Belmont 10/26. Report says worked.

Turf Sprint choices:

Juvenile choices:
Carpe Diem 1/2 mile in 49.00 @ Belmont 10/26. Report says worked.
Daredevil 1/2 mile in 47.46 @ Belmont 10/26. Report says eye-catching.

Turf choices:
Twilight Eclipse 1/2 mile in 50.20 @ Belmont turf 10/26. Report says worked.

Sprint choices:
Indianapolis 5f in 58.21 @ SA 10/27. Report says not as impressive.
Secret Circle 5f in 59.12 @ SA 10/27. Report says cruised.
Rich Tapestry 5f in 1:01.24 @ SA 10/25. Report says looked good.

Mile choices:
Seek Again 5f in 1:01.40 @ Belmont turf 10/19. Report says worked on turf.

Classic choices:
Cigar Street 1/2 mile in 47.96 @ SA 10/26. Report says worked.
California Chrome 5f in 59.60 @ Los Alamitos 10/25. Report says final workout.
Shared Belief 4f in 52.40 @ Golden Gate today. Trainer was satisfied. Ships today.

And in other news, Black Caviar is in foal to Sebring!!! 2015 Black Caviar here we come. She foaled an Exceed and Excel filly in September.

Breeders' Cup 2014 Entries & Draw

The draw began at 3:00 PM my time.
I watched 11 of the 13 draws live, missing the Distaff and Classic.
Horses on my Horse Racing Page are in bold and other choices are in italics.

$1 million Juvenile Turf 5:25 ET 10/31
1. Wet Sail
2. Daddy D T
3. Luck of the Kitten
4. Commemorative
5. Hootenanny
6. Conquest Typhoon
7. War Envoy
8. Offering Plan
9. Aktabantay
10. Startup Nation
11. Imperia
12. International Star
13. Lawn Ranger
14. Danny Boy
2 AE, Faithful Creek, Papacoolpapacool

$1 million Dirt Mile 6:05 ET 10/31
1. Goldencents
2. Carve
3. Vicar's In Trouble
4. Pants On Fire
5. Handsome Mike
6. Golden Ticket
7. Bronzo
8. Fed Biz
9. Tapiture
10. Big Bane Theory

$1 million Juvenile Fillies Turf 6:50 ET 10/31
1. Partisan Politics
2. Osaila
3. Sunset Glow
4. Lady Eli
5. Isabella Sings
6. Sivoliere
7. Rainha Da Bateria
8. Nicky's Brown Miss
9. Lady Zuzu
10. Quality Rocks
11. Conquest Harlanate
12. Tammy the Torpedo
13. Prize Exhibit
14. Qualify
2 AE, Flying Tipat, War Alert

$3 million Distaff 7:35 ET 10/31
1. L'Amour de Ma Vie
2. Tiz Midnight
3. Iotapa
4. Belle Gallantey
5. Unbridled Forever
6. Stanwyck
7. Don't Tell Sophia
8. Valiant Emilia
9. Ria Antonia
10. Untapable
11. Close Hatches

$2 million Juvenile Fillies 3:05 ET 11/1
1. Feathered
2. Angela Renee
3. Danette
4. Conquest Eclipse
5. Cristina's Journey
6. Take Charge Brandi
7. Majestic Presence
8. Puca
9. Hennythelovepenny
10. Wonder Gal
11. Top Decile
12. By The Moon

$2 million Filly & Mare Turf 3:43 ET 11/1
1. Abaco
2. Just The Judge
3. Dank
4. Dayatthespa
5. Secret Gesture
6. Fiesolana
7. Emollient
8. Irish Mission
9. Parranda
10. Stephanie's Kitten
11. Rusty Slipper

$1 million Filly & Mare Sprint 4:21 ET 11/1
1. Sweet Reason
2. Little Alexis
3. Stonetastic
4. Thank You Marylou
5. Artemis Agrotera
6. Leigh Court
7. Judy the Beauty
8. Better Lucky
9. Living the Life
10. Southern Honey

$1 million Turf Sprint 5:05 ET 11/1
1. Reneesgotzip
2. Silentio
3. Street Swap
4. Tightend Touchdown
5. Ambitious Brew
6. Bobby's Kitten
7. Marchman
8. Something Extra
9. Free As A Bird
10. Home Run Kitten
11. Undrafted
12. Dimension
13. Caspar Netscher
14. No Nay Never
2 AE Ageless, Za Approval

$2 million Juvenile 5:45 ET 11/1
1. Calculator
2. Private Prospect
3. Blue Dancer
4. The Great War
5. American Pharoah
6. Lucky Player
7. Texas Red
8. Souper Colossal
9. Carpe Diem
10. Mr. Z
11. One Lucky Dane
12. Daredevil
13. Upstart

$3 million Turf 6:22 ET 11/1
1. Telescope
2. Twilight Eclipse
3. Imagining
4. Brown Panther
5. Hangover Kid
6. Finnegan's Wake
7. Flintshire
8. Magician
9. Hardest Core
10. Starspangled Heat
11. Chicquita
12. Main Sequence
13. Big John B

11 10 $1.5 million Sprint 7:01 ET 11/1
1. Seeking the Sherif
2. Indianapolis
3. Wind Fire
4. Secret Circle
5. Private Zone
6. Rich Tapestry
7. Mico Margarita
8. Palace
9. Salutos Amigos
10. Big Macher
11. Bakken
12. Fast Anna
13. Work All Week
14. Bourbon Courage
2 AE, Bahamian Squall, Indexical

12 11 $2 million Mile 7:40 ET 11/1
1. Grand Arch
2. Obviously
3. Veda
4. Mustajeeb
5. Toronado
6. Tom's Tribute
7. Kaigun
8. Trade Storm
9. Anodin
10. Summer Front
11. Sayaad
12. Seek Again
13. Tourist
14. Karakontie
1 AE, Mr. Commons

13 13 $6 million Classic 8:35 ET 11/1
1. Prayer For Relief
2. Cigar Street
3. Imperative
4. Moreno
5. V.E. Day
6. Shared Belief
7. Bayern
8. Zivo
9. Toast of New York
10. Footbridge
11. Tonalist
12. Candy Boy
13. California Chrome
14. Majestic Harbor
1 AE, Big Cazanova

Also-eligibles only get in if a horse scratches before 11:00am ET Friday.

Of the three stallions on my favorite list with offspring 2 years or older (Street Sense, Blame, Afleet Alex) here are the offspring of them entered in the Breeders' Cup this year:
Street Sense: Sweet Reason (Filly & Mare Sprint), Sayaad (Mile), Cigar Street (Classic)
Blame: None
Afleet Alex: Iotapa (Distaff), Texas Red (Juvenile)

Sweet Reason is coming off a 2nd in the Grade I Cotillion at a mile and a sixteenth
Sayaad is coming off a 3rd in the Grade I Shadwell Turf Mile at a mile (turf)
Cigar Street is coming off a win in the mile and an eighth Homecoming Classic

Iotapa is coming off a 3rd in the Grade I Zenyatta at a mile and a sixteenth
Texas Red is coming off a 3rd in the Grade I FrontRunner at a mile and a sixteenth

Monday, October 27, 2014

Stallion Review

My list of breeding favorites is growing. So I decided to give an overview of each stallion's accomplishments in the breeding shed and on the track today.

Frankel (Galileo x Kind, by Danehill)
Entered stud 2013. Unbeaten 14 starts in Europe, 10 Group Is. Highest rated Timeform horse ever at 147. Won 2,998,302 pounds in 3 seasons on the track. Champion at 2, 3, and 4 in England and Horse of the Year at 3 and 4. First foals are weanlings. Only foal to sell brought $945,600. Stands at Juddmonte Farms in England. 2014 fee was 125,000 pounds live foal.

Street Sense (Street Cry x Bedazzle, by Dixieland Band)
Entered stud 2008. Only Breeders' Cup Juvenile/Kentucky Derby double winner. Earned $4,383,200 in 2 seasons with a 13: 6-4-2 race record. Won 3 Grade Is, placed in 3 Grade Is, won 1 Grade II, placed in 1 Grade II, won a Grade III, and placed in a Grade III. Also set a track record in the 2007 Tampa Bay Derby (G3). Champion 2yo in 2006. Best offspring include GI winners Sweet Reason (his only millionaire) and Hallowed Crown, both from his 3rd crop. Best 1st crop offspring is Grade I winner Aubby K, and 2nd crop offspring leader is GII winner Unlimited Budget. His 4th crop hit the track this year and GIII placed Light The City is so far the best of them.

Sales record:
2009 (weanlings): 10 offered, 9 sold. $1,336,500 total with $130,000 median.
2010 (weanlings and yearlings): 17w offered, 15 sold, $1,641,661 total. 62y offered, 45 sold, $5,997,121 total.
2011 (weanlings, yearlings, 2yos): 18w offered, 15 sold, $1,303,953 total. 114y offered, 92 sold, $12,329,388 total. 20-2yos offered, 17 sold, $2,798,465 total.
2012 (weanlings, yearlings, 2yos, racing age): 0w offered. 101y offered, 80 sold, $7,260,373 total. 19-2yos offered, 18 sold, $1,957,396. 0 racing age offspring sold. 1 stallion offered/sold. $60,000.
2013: 16w offered, 11 sold, $984,761 total. 79y offered, 60 sold, $6,296,514 total. 18-2yos offered, 14 sold, $1,719,396 total.
2014: (so far) 11w offered, 9 sold, $661,690 total. 91y offered, 67 sold, $5,227,281 total. 17-2yos offered, 11 sold, $977,962 total. 1 stallion offered/sold, $47,000 total.

Stands at Darley America. 2014 fee was $40,000 stands and nurses.

Camelot (Montjeu x Tarfah, by Kingmambo)
Entered stud 2014. 3rd horse ever to be a triple Classic winner in Europe since Nijinsky in 1970. Earned $2,990,639 in 3 seasons of racing with 10: 6-2-0 race record. Unbeaten in first 5 starts, including both starts at 2. Group I winner at 2, 3x Group I winner and once Group I placed at 3, Group III winner and Group I placed at 4. First foals due 2015. Stood at Coolmore Stud Ireland and Coolmore Stud Australia in 2014 for a fee of 25,000 pounds in Ireland and $22,000 in Australia. Champion at 2 and 3 in Ireland and England. Horse of the Year at 3 in Ireland.

Animal Kingdom (Leroidesanimaux x Dalicia, by Acatenango)
Entered stud 2013 (Southern Hemisphere). Kentucky Derby/Dubai World Cup double winner, the first since Silver Charm. Grade I winner on dirt and synthetics, 2x Grade I placed on turf. Earned $8,387,500 in 4 seasons of racing with a 12:5-5-0 record. Grade I winner at 2 and 4. First foals born 2014 in Australia. Stands at Arrowfield Stud in Australia for $33,000 and at Darley America for (2014 fee) $35,000 stands and nurses. Champion 3 year old in America in 2011. No offspring listed sold.

Take Charge Indy (A.P. Indy x Take Charge Lady, by Dehere)
Entered stud 2014. Florida Derby & Alysheba Stakes winner. Grade I winner at 3 and Grade II winner at 4. Earned $1,103,496 for 3 seasons of racing with a 14:3-4-2 record. First foals due 2015. Stands at Winstar Farm LLC. 2014 fee was $20,000 stands and nurses. Broodmare of the Year dam and Horse of the Year sire.

I'll Have Another (Flower Alley x Arch's Gal Edith, by Arch)
Entered stud 2013. Kentucky Derby & Preakness winner. Unbeaten at 3. Earned $2,693,000 for 2 seasons of racing. Racing record: 7:5-1-0. Grade II placed at 2 and 3x Grade I winner and Grade II winner at 3. Winner and Grade II placed on synthetics and unbeaten on a fast track. Stands at Big Red Farm in Japan. 2014 fee 3,200,000 yen. First foals born 2014. 3 foals offered, 2 sold, $272,845 total. Champion 3 year old in 2012.

Drosselmeyer (Distorted Humor x Golden Ballet, by Moscow Ballet)
Entered stud 2012. Belmont Stakes & Breeders' Cup Classic winner. 16: 5-5-2 race record for 3 seasons, with $3,728,170 in earnings. Grade I winner and 2x Grade II placed at 3 and Grade I and blacktype stakes winner at 4. Stands at Winstar Farm LLC. 2014 fee was $15,000 stands and nurses.

Sales record:
2013: 28w offered, 25 sold, $1,556,000 total.
2014: 71y offered, 57 sold, $3,455,500 total.

Caleb's Posse (Posse x Abbey's Missy, by Slewacide)
Entered stud 2013. Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile (G1) winner and nominated for Champion Sprinter and Champion 3yo Colt in 2011. Grade I winner at 3 and hard-luck Grade I placed at 4, beat 2 noses and a neck in 3 starts. Stands at Three Chimneys Farm. 2014 fee was $5,000 live foal stands and nurses. Stakes winner and GIII placed at 2, 2x GI, once GII, GIII, stakes winner, 2x GII placed at 3, 2x GI and once GIII placed at 4. Race record 19:8-5-2 and earnings of $1,423,379 in 3 seasons of racing. Winner on the synthetics twice. First foals born in 2014. No sales result but entries in Keeneland November 2014, both foals and mares-in-foal-to.

Australia (Galileo x Ouija Board, by Cape Cross)
Entered stud 2015. Dual-Derby winner in Ireland and England. Winner of 2 of 3 at 2, 3 of 5 at 3. Never out of the money. Group III winner at 2, 3x Group I winner and 2x Group I placed at 3. Race record 8:5-1-2 and earnings of 2,090,503 in 2 seasons of racing. First foals haven't yet been conceived. Stud fee to be announced. Stands at Coolmore Stud Ireland.

Will Take Charge (Unbridled's Song x Take Charge Lady, by Dehere)
Entered stud 2015. Champion 3yo in 2013. Stakes-placed at 2. 2x Grade I, Grade II winner, once stakes winner, once Grade I, Grade II placed at 3. 4x Grade I placed and Grade II winner at 4. Race record 21:7-6-1 and earnings of $3,924,648 for 3 seasons of racing. Stud fee $30,000 for 2015. Stands at Three Chimneys Farm. No foals yet.

Blame (Arch x Liable, by Seeking the Gold)
Entered stud 2011. Champion Older Male in 2010. Winner at 2, 2x Grade II and stakes winner, Grade II placed once at three, 3x Grade I winner, once Grade III winner, once Grade I placed at 4. Race record 13:9-2-2 and earnings $4,368,214 for 3 seasons of racing. Sired G3 placed colt Hollywood Critic. 2015 stud fee not yet announced. Stands at Claiborne Farm.

2012 sales:
14 weanlings sold for $1,802,030 total.
2013 sales:
8 of 10 offered weanlings sold for $915,000 total.
41 of 49 offered yearlings sold for $7,482,984 total.
2014 sales:
32 of 53 offered yearlings sold for $3,885,500 total.
9 of 15 offered 2yos sold for $1,882,000 total.

Afleet Alex (Northern Afleet x Maggy Hawk, by Hawkster)
Entered stud 2006. Champion 3 year old colt of 2005. Grade I and Grade II winner and 2x Grade I placed at 2. 2x Grade I, once Grade II, minor stakes winner and once Grade I placed at 3. Race record 12:8-2-1 with earnings of $2,765,800 for 2 seasons of racing. Sired multiple Grade I winner Iotapa, Travers winner Afleet Express, Breeders' Cup Marathon winner Afleet Again, Japanese stakes winner Bitter Sweet. 2015 fee not yet announced. Stands at Gainesway Farm.

24w offered, 16w sold, $1,915,000 total.
10w offered, 4w sold, $370,000 total.
105w offered, 72 sold, $8,540,410 total.
7w offered, 5w sold, $145,500 total.
64y offered, 50w sold, $2,534,500 total.
25-2yos offered, 17-2yos sold, $813,321 total.
1 broodmare offered and sold, $12,000 sold.
23w offered, 18w sold, $772,000 total.
48y offered, 39y sold, $3,002,200 total.
8-2yos offered, 5-2yos sold, $395,000 total.
1 racing prospect offered but not sold.
1 racing/stallion prospect offered but not sold.
4 racing/broodmare prospects offered, 3 sold, $101,000 total.
2 broodmare prospects offered and sold, $46,500 total.
14w offered, 12w sold, $524,500 total.
68y offered, 55y sold, $3,012,200 total.
17-2yos offered, 12 sold, $575,000 total.
10 racing/broodmare prospects offered, 9 sold, $463,861 total.
4 broodmares offered, 3 sold, $20,500 total.
11w offered, 5w sold, $180,700 total.
81y offered, 66y sold, $3,003,200 total.
15-2yos offered, 11 sold, $301,000 total.
8 racing/broodmare prospects offered, 3 sold, $27,500 total.
2 racing/stallion prospects offered and sold, $31,000 total.
7 broodmare prospects offered, 6 sold, $741,500 total.
7w offered and sold, $255,500 total.
71y offered, 63 sold, $3,345,500 total.
24-2yos offered, 21 sold, $1,627,500 total.
5 racing/broodmare prospects offered and sold, $120,000 total.
8 broodmares offered, 6 sold, $126,500 total.
44y offered, 39 sold, $1,464,000 total.
19-2yos offered, 12 sold, $985,000 total.
3 racing prospects offered and sold, $74,000 total.
4 racing/broodmare prospects offered and sold, $145,000 total.
2 broodmare prospects offered and sold, $35,000 total.
1 racing/stallion prospect offered and sold, $17,000 total.

Point of Entry (Dynaformer x Matlacha Pass, by Seeking the Gold)
Entered stud 2014. 3x Grade I, once Grade II winner, once Grade I placed at 4, 2x Grade I winner at 5. Race record 18:9-3-1 and earnings $2,494,490 for 3 seasons of racing. Turf specialist. 2015 fee not yet announced, stands at Adena Springs Kentucky. No foals yet.

Calidoscopio (Luhuk x Calderona, by Lefty)
Entered stud 2013. Grade II winner, 2x Grade II placed, once Grade III winner at 4. Once Grade I placed at 5. Grade I and Grade II winner, 2x Grade I place, once Grade III placed at 6. Grade III winner, once Grade I, Grade II placed at 7. Grade III winner, 3x Grade II placed, once Grade III placed, stakes placed at 8. 2x Grade II and stakes winner (including BC Marathon in U.S.) at 9. Grade II winner at 10. Record of 42: 11-5-8 and earnings of $975,154 from 7 seasons of racing. Bred in Argentina. 2015 fee unknown, stands at Haras La Quebrada in Argentina.

Breeders' Cup Draw is Live now at!