Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Change of Plans: goal review for first quarter 2015

Get a job at a horse farm- Yeah, not exactly any horse farms around hiring.

Successfully pick 2015 Derby & Oaks winners-Ummm... it isn't even April, yet.

See the Smarty Jones at Oaklawn in January- YESSS!!

Watch the 2014 Eclipse Awards on live TV- something else came up.

Publish a Kincsem biography- Working on it!!

Spend lots of time with friends and family- so far, so good. Even made a new friend. <grin>

Ride a Thoroughbred- Well.... I would love to know where one is around so I can ride it!

With Star:
Complete at least 3 Intro rides- Yeah, no. But I do plan to do 2 in May, at the Off Road Warrior.

Go on a camping trip at least once per season- Weather, plans, Star got in the way. Will get a spring one in, I know that.

Have a photo shoot every month- Done so far!
Star eating 9 lbs of feed (half Performance, half Senior)

Ride at least once a week when I'm home- well... when there's good weather I have. And when Mom lets me... I'm riding today. <smile>

Have an awesome 2015!- This one is going VERY well.

Put up Intro Ride pics-DONE!!!

And photos from this past week or so...

Musician eating 6 lbs of Senior

Neighbor's cows


Fudge and Ebony



Warm chicks, now outside

Their new home


One's playin' peek-a-boo!

Pig and donkey...

More pigs!

My grown flock


Monday, March 30, 2015

Quarterly Review: looking back on the first 3 months of 2015

I chose almost half of the Eclipse Award winners...

I built a small arena complete with small jumps all by myself!

I went to the Smarty Jones Stakes, my first time at the track... and saw my favorite racehorse's full sister take the nightcap, and a son of my favorite sire run second in another race. Also, I saw Mike Smith real close. THAT was awesome.
Everything Bling, winner of the nightcap
Phenomenal Phoenix, runner-up in the 7th race
Far Right before the Smarty Jones

Far Right after taking the Smarty Jones
I rode Katharine's mare Lady in prep rides before her trip to Europe...

Ran a three-part Bible post on fornication & adultery...

Split the blog into two: one for horse racing, this one for personal stuff.

Helped demolish a chicken shed that was a MESS...

FINALLY got last year's Intro ride pics up...

Had snow!!

Had more snow... unheard of in March...

Bought 10 pullets...

Rode Lady 3 times...

Announced my plan to write two books...
Image result for kincsem horse

And got over my 3-year crush, thanks to my parents dragging me to some family event down south. Now wasn't that nice? I finally saw how dark he was because I managed to have a (very) long conversation with another, slightly older, horseman. <grin> THAT was an answer to prayer. As was the former crush getting away from "his" even darker girl.
Image result for fire heart broken

A look ahead:
Begin Lane of Love....

Intro ride in Athens!

Have fun!

And always, always, praise and look to the Heavenly Father.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Hold On: Copper reflects on her stubborn loyalty

Image result for fire heart broken

I got a kick in the face (figuratively!) today by someone. But I can handle it. As long as I rely on God.

I have this trait of being extremely loyal, but I am quite picky about who I am loyal to, and then I pretty much can't let go of them, and any struggles they have with that (or anyone else has with that) usually only makes me stronger. And reverse psychology doesn't work, either. I'm quite suspicious.

So there are only two people that I am loyal to, and one of them didn't turn out like I'd hoped. But that's OK, because the other is an awesome friend. <grin> She more than makes up for his downfalls. I'll be praying for him and "his" girl, and hopefully they reach a wise decision. I'd be really excited about him getting married, because no matter what I will always want him to be happy. Which means that if that girl screws him over.... . . . . .   .    .     .     .    .        .

Don't cross me, or it will only turn out worse than you expected. I'm like that. But I'm not perfect. My own stubbornness has kicked me in the face before at least half a dozen times. I've lied, cheated, dishonored my parents, hated, and done several other things I'm not proud of. But I've chosen to be thankful for what I have. And I have a great family and an even better friend. And I am not jealous or envious about her going to Europe without me. I'll go one day myself. I'm not even jealous about her having a totally different best friend. That friend is completely cool to me, too.

December 2014

Oh, and I rode Star in her first serious workout today for an Intro in May. The ground was worse than racing's "heavy 10". She struggled over the ground and went into a sweaty sluggish run, but did it nicely. Saturday we gallop farther on firmer ground, and I need to get a feeding regimen in place. Star is in full shed-coat mode.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Kincsem and Lane: unpublished author reveals final goals for two books

I will be a published author by January 1, 2016. My debut novel will be non-fiction, about the ancient race mare Kincsem, of Hungary.

Image result for kincsem horse
It will have approximately 60 pages, and cover everything from her birth to her death, and her continuing legacy, in 10 chapters, and maybe a prologue and epilogue.

It will  have been drafted twice by the end of September, and will be ready to be published by December 15.

The title will be: "Treasure Horse: the true legend of Hungary's Kincsem"... or something to that effect.

Image result for 1890s cowgirls and cowboys
My second novel will be fiction, about a girl getting her man back, and getting another (married) couple back together at the same time, in 1890's Texas and Oklahoma, during a drought. It will be at least twice as long as the Kincsem book, and should be published by December 31, 2016.

The title will be something to the effect of "Love of Lane".

When the books are to be released, you will get sneak peeks into each of them!

So, I won't be posting a lot on either blog anymore. I have a book to finish this year, and I need to start one for next year. I finally got Microsoft Word on this computer. It will come in handy.

Anyone else writing a book?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On Lady Again!: weather and roads allow rider to exercise friend's mare

I finally got over there for my 3rd ride while Kit's gone. And it was awesome.

Before I rode.
The jump
First, I did some circles over jumps... she'd skip over the cross poles, and easily managed a straight jump, so I took those down and put two barrels between them length-wise. She cleared them by about two or three feet six times (three in each direction). I had done some flat circles at a jog beforehand to warm her up and she was bouncing all over the place-in, out, and up. Yeah. She had way too much energy! But fortunately she's got a good foundation and knows how to listen. <relieved grin>
Tempest, waiting for her buddy

After clearing it six times
View from her back
Then, I removed the halter and 22-foot feather line and replaced it with the hackamore and reins. And mounted bareback (using the fence as a mounting block). She was well-behaved and we walked around for a while. I was a little scrunched for time, though, and I had other things I wanted to do with her, so after about 20 minutes I dismounted and put the halter back on again, and we departed the arena.

Nice horsie

I brushed her. She was caked with mud on her legs. And I also cleaned out her front hooves and brushed them out. Her mane and tail I didn't mess with (I couldn't find a comb) but I did pull hay and such out of them.

And again, while I'm putting Lady away

Comanche, nearly filled out :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Story Ideas: to prevent writer's block, unpublished author looks for ideas before problems arise

Image result for galloping through oklahoma western

I'm working on my fictional story (which I want to have drafted by December 31). I have FINALLY come up with a decent idea, and I'm writing away. But I know I will soon stall out, and I need help and ideas, since I actually completed a full draft on another story in a week, because I had two aunts helping me, and their ideas were awesome! Unfortunately, that story no longer appeals (it is still awesome), so that one's out. Besides, I still like to read it, but it's become more of a private story that will probably be published (if ever) after a decade or so....

This story is set in a summer drought in 1890's Texas and Oklahoma (then a territory). The young heroine (about 18 or 19) finds out from her future sister-in-law that her fiance is living with a married half-Choctaw girl 200 miles north of his old home. So, she sets out (with her parents' blessing, her best friend's help, and lots of prayer) to get him back. On the way, she finds out from native friends that the woman is a serial adulteress and is banished from the Choctaw tribe, and therefore the girl (Jesika) has the entire tribe's blessing to pursue and remove the young man (about 20) from the woman (Pamantha Runner O'Grale). Late that evening she finally arrives and begins to carefully win her beloved back without interfering (too much) in his life. Within a few months she gets him back and they ride home, get married, and live happily ever after....

I need ideas for what happens while she's living with her ex-fiance and his girlfriend (the husband lives elsewhere). I am planning for Pamantha and her husband, Ronald, to get back together in the process... though this is found out at the end of the book.

Anybody want to help?

For you horse-lovers:

Jesika and her fiance are excellent horse-people. Her mount is a bay Medicine Hat mustang mare (Comanche's Star), and his is a chestnut Anglo-Arab mare (Jessie).
Image result for bay medicine hat mustang cow pony Image result for chestnut anglo-arab western

Kitty (Jesika's best friend) rides and drives a bay Arab mare (Lady).
Image result for bay arabian mare in harness working

Mary (young Choctaw lady and friend of Jesika and Kitty) has a gray Thoroughbred/mustang cross stallion, named Platinum.
Image result for gray thoroughbred mustang cross

Jesika's family's horse is a black Morgan mare named Shawnee.
Image result for black morgan

Oh...and at the end it FINALLY begins to rain! After 10 or so months with zero rain. The Red River is bone dry. Like, seriously, bone dry.